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IT IS CLEARLY STATED ON THE WEBSITE THAT WE WORK BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We book appointment by calls and email. This is because we work from home and we can be very busy, so we prefer to attend to customers BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

We have been busy with orders for weddings, anniversaries, Ascot etc and both our new and returning customers do come to the house.
Do book an appointment if you still want to come and we will support you to get to our location and not get lost.

Thank you.
Send us an email, Order online, Browse through the product pages then type in the product code and quantity, state your color preference hat(s).

Or If you wish to contact us by traditional means, our details are:

Chiltern Close, Bexleyheath. (Greater London) United kingdom DA7 6SA

Telephone: 44 (0) 01322762759 44 (0) 7852716743

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